Starting at the core of the design, MOOV leverages custom built components to ensure the highest quality ride. 

Premium Materials
A die-cast aluminum frame creates structure while reducing weight. Precision details are carefully machined from the frame to create iconic design elements and reliable component mounting features.

Secured Batteries
The certified, safe, lithium-ion batteries are cradled in an insulated compartment, protecting them from the elements, and dampening terrain vibration. 

Assembled in America
We control every aspect of product quality to ensure the highest level of safety. Our products are assembled by a technically trained crew in Dallas with intimate knowledge of every product details. We inspect and test each board to our standards and UL certification standards. A final test ride is performed before leaving our facility.



Safety is where our product development begins. We are taking the full measures to ensure that all components are rigorously tested and certified for reliability and safety. 

Proper Safety Certification
Starting with UL Certification, we are taking all steps to be fully compliant and tested to the highest hoverboard standard, UL2272, as well as the Department of Transportation’s battery-specific standard, UN38.3. 

Industry Impact
Before the release of UL2272, Radical Transport worked early on with Underwriter Laboratories, participating in standards reviews, and providing valuable feedback to ensure that ours, and all hoverboards, are held to a very high safety standard.