With a smart, purpose-built drive train, you will ride with confidence, control, and safety.

Power Management

Operating as the brain and heart of MOOV, the controller circuit boards monitor the batteries state of charge, reading relative voltages to each other, and actively keeping the packs balanced.

Redundant safety checks monitor the battery packs and guarantee safe operation through a dedicated and independent battery management system. It is constantly measuring individual cell voltage, temperature, overall current, and has the ability to shut off the pack if it ever deems the batteries unsafe. 

These components are critical; which is why they are being produced by an American electronics manufacturer known for making small quantity, military-grade circuit boards.

Dual Hub Motors

Off-the-shelf motors simply aren’t enough to achieve the optimal balance of power and torque. We have engineered a custom drive system powered by dual 9” 350 watt hub motors and cutting-edge motor control technology to provide responsive and fluid power delivery.

Designed in America, MOOV utilizes both sensored and sensorless torque application to allow for an incredibly smooth riding experience.

Quality Battery

Leveraging a UL 1642 certified, safe, efficient lithium ion cell, MOOV delivers performance and efficiency second to none.

Dual, custom 6600 mAh, 37 volt Lithium Ion packs gives MOOV 8 hours ride time or 12 miles distance. Fully recharge MOOV in only 2.5 hours, or get back on the road quicker with a 4-mile Fast Charge taking only 30 minutes. 

To maintain symmetry and allow for a centralized carrying handle, we chose to split the pack in a dual pack design.